Family Interventions, P.L.L.C.

Bob Reid and Family Interventions have helped over 1,200 families throughout the United States save their loved one's life through an Intervention. Family Interventions specializes in providing Interventions throughout the Country for Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Mental Health Problems, Gambling, Eating Disorders, Personality Disorders and Trauma. Alcoholism, drug addiction and untreated mental health disorders are often a matter of life or death. Families who calls us are usually in a lot of pain, scared and confused as how to help. If someone you love is in denial, out of control and/or resistant to treatment, we can help. You no longer need to be alone when facing a problem of this Magnitude.

Please feel free to contact us anytime for a free consultation or to schedule an intervention. We will do everything we can to help You and Your Loved One.

About Us

We know first hand the devastation that addictions, untreated mental health disorders and personality disorders cause.

At Family Interventions, we have been specializing in providing family interventions throughout the United States for alcoholism, drug addiction, mental health disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders, relapse, trauma, schizophrenia, hoarding and gambling since 1999. Family Interventions is one of the leading and most successful intervention companies in the United States. We are licensed therapists and/or Board registered interventionists, who are extremely committed to the families we work with and to the entire intervention process. We know first hand the devastation that addictions, untreated mental health disorders and personality disorders cause and believe these problems are often a matter of life and death. We are very committed to getting your loved one the help they need and helping your entire family. Our Intervention's work even if the the person you love is in complete denial, out of control or very resistant to treatment: One intervention at a time.

  • 95% Success rate getting your loved one into treatment on the day of the intervention.


Bob Reid

Bob is a licensed therapist and professional interventionist with 23 years of extensive experience treating addiction and other mental health issues.

Lee FitzGerald

Lee has 15 years of experience, is a certified alcohol and drug abuse counselor in California and a certified Intervention professional.